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Experience /  Trauma resolution. Getting your life back on track

Personal clearing offers relief from experienced trauma

Are you reliving emotions from trauma or experience from this lifetime?  

You want to move on from this experience but somehow you can’t, or perhaps you can sometimes, but if you’re feeling stressed all that emotion starts to play out again?

In basic terms, you've held on to the emotional responses of that experience.  Whenever something similar comes into play, or you are feeling a little low, all the emotional debris starts to play out.  

The way I work is by identifying what emotions have remained with you, and clearing them so they can no longer interfere in your life.  Once cleared you can think about the experience without going back to the feelings as if its happening right now.   You have the memory, but the emotional responses are not triggered.

Some of what you are going through may be from past lives, so soul clearing could also need to be explored.  Whenever a clearing takes place nothing is relived.  It can be interesting to see our connections to past lives.  If the roots of a current issue is in a past life, this is where the clearing needs to be done. 


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