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For those who are hearing unexplained voices...

An amazing and profound outcome of the work I do, is the ceasing of hallucinatory voices for the majority of clients that had the issue.  One gentleman, in his 70’s, had been hearing voices since a young man.  This had caused him much anxiety, suffering panic attacks throughout his life.  Since the voices have left him, the panic attacks have left too.

With all of these clients there has been a main theme.  They all had multiple souls - I like to call them soul hitchhikers.  These extra souls have come in with the host, although not incarnated, so hitching a ride.   Its interesting because not all clients who have multiple souls hear voices.  A common factor with the clients I’ve worked with is that they have all had trauma at one time or another.  I hear stories of people’s voices starting after a specific traumatic event.  Could this be what causes the multiple souls to come to the fore.

Other possiblilites for unexplained voices that you may not be aware of

Multiple Souls and Extra Souls can bring other issues.  A women was having trouble during the night.  She would go to bed and fall to sleep easily, but found herself awake and screaming 15 minutes or so later.  This happened 3 or 4 times a week.  Once the souls were cleared, the screaming stopped, much to her husbands delight.  Another client, a child of 5, sobbed whilst sleeping.  Although she seemed perfectly fine in the morning and throughout the day, her mum was concerned.  After one soul clearing, the sobbing stopped.  The Soul Clearing was done by distance, so I never met her little girl.  

A recent testimonial…

My daughter had had a really difficult 8 years since her Dad took his life when she was only 16 and her boyfriend dying when she was 22. When times were really bad, she would hear her Dad's voice telling her to join him, and she made 3 attempts on her life in the space of 12 months. There were periods of psychosis when she couldn't distinguish between reality and fiction; a confusing and distressing experience for her and me. While her medication offered one solution, we both felt (after her latest attempt to take her life) that it was worth asking Sandy to do a soul clearance session and - while she got really bad immediately afterwards, with her Dad's voice telling her to do some pretty awful things to me, they'd gone within about 4 days. My daughter now feels more 'normal' than she has done for years and seems to have benefited significantly from Sandy's intervention. I had been sceptical and I have no idea how this type of intervention can work - especially remotely and without meeting the individual - but no parent wants to see their child in such a state of distress and it was worth a shot. It seems to have done something positive and she feels a whole lot lighter. 

We only need one soul for this lifetime, our higher spiritual self residing in our current physical body.  If we’re carrying extras, then any work we do on ourselves may inadvertently be cleared from them.  I usually do a Soul Clearing as a first session and in the preparation of this type of session, the negative interferences are found and cleared.  Any future work will not be influenced by hitchers on, so we can work with a clean slate.

If the above resonates with you, I would so like to be of service.  I can never guarantee outcomes for clients but I have been amazed of the cessation of voices for clients. Feel free to give me a call if you want to know more, there’s absolutely no obligation to book a session.  I love talking about my life purpose in any case 😉.   07528 075920


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