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You may well know why you feel the way you do…

  • experience / trauma
  • mental illness

I’ve helped many people to feel lighter in themselves, freeing them to live their life in a more positive way.  

Together we can shift energies or stuck emotions, easing away what no longer serves you.


Communication… Hope…  Transformation

Take the first step, give me a call and let's have a chat to talk about where you are now, and how I may help.

Is your life feeling out of harmony?

Depression, anxiety and low self esteem are major themes for people these days it seems.  

I have found some common ground when working with these issues.  I work on a spiritual energy basis and connect to your higher self to reveal what may be at the heart of how you currently feel/behave.  What is indicated can then be released, enabling healing at a soul level.


You may not totally understand why you feel the way you do.

  • past life experiences
  • earthbound spirit energy
  • self punishment, self limitation or self destruction programmes
  • blocks to being you
  • extra souls
  • many other possibilities


feelings of severe despondency and dejection.  

These include…  low mood, feeling flat, joylessness, sadness, unhappiness, sorrowful, woeful, gloominess, dispirited, heavy heartedness, despair, pessimism, hopelessness, desolation, moroseness



a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease about something with an uncertain outcome.

These include… concern, apprehension, consternation, uneasiness, fearfulness, fear, disquiet, fretfulness, agitation, angst, nervousness, nerves, edginess, tension, stress, misgiving, trepidation, foreboding


… helping people on their life journey since 2007