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Clearing blocks, programmes, beings and interference from your soul records.

Clearing out root causes from the soul ...

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Soul clearing goes beyond communicating with the subconscious to clear negative patterns.  

In this life we are all aware of our conscious selves, the ego or analytical part of us, the part that plans and judges.  Many will understand the sub-conscious; a part of ourselves that runs programmes outside of our awareness i.e. breathing, digesting, heart beating.  This is also the part  that remembers everything from this lifetime, even if we don’t remember on a conscious level.  When we leave this lifetime our subconscious will become part of our soul records.  Our soul records contain memories of many lifetimes and knows our plans for this life, and what may be blocking.  Nothing gets cleared unless its asked for, but until we know what we need to clear, we cannot ask. 

I use a modality called ‘Spiritual Response Therapy’ to find and clear negative blocks and energies on your souls behalf.  We have much help in the higher spiritual realms, and this is where we will connect, in order to find what no longer serves you.  Once found, we can clear away blocks, interferences, beings and programmes.  Just like a weed, when the roots are cleared, it’s unable to return.

The first SRT full clearing will release anything that may be blocking you 

from the light of SPIRIT

Once the initial clearing is complete, we can deal with any specifics that are impeding your life.

We will be guided using 32 charts and a pendulum.  Each chart covers a different arena and will indicate blocks or programmes to clear.   SPIRIT will do the clearing, when asked, so nothing for you to do.  Its a fascinating process and can really help to shift hard to understand behaviours/emotions.

A session will clear …

Inner Child Blocks

Past Relationship Karma

Past Lives




Multiple Souls

Negative Motivations

Blocks to Positive Expression

..and more


… helping people on their life journey since 2007