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Becoming your true self

“I help souls let go of emotional and negative energies so they can embrace the future”

Get back to the heart of you

If you struggle emotionally or mentally because of experiences, or feel a negative force around you that is blocking enjoyment of life, you have come to the right place.

When emotions from old stories are still resonating today, then it’s time to find a solution to move on from them. I’m a Spiritual / Energy healer who takes in to account your soul journey.

To know how I work, you must first understand that you are a spiritual being living a physical experience. 

We all operate on three levels… conscious (ego / thinking), subconscious (memory/habits), and higher conscious (soul).  Working with the subconscious and higher conscious levels, we can bring deep memories and energies to the conscious for release.

See blog on Consciousness Levels

Your subconscious remembers all your life’s experiences, and at death information is uploaded into your Soul Records (also known as the Akashic Records). Your Soul Records is an accumulation of your soul’s journey. If discordant energies were not released during a particular lifetime experience, those energies may still resonate and can show up as challenges in this life.   

You may not know why you feel the way you do, but your Higher Self will, whether its experience/trauma, past lives, negative interfering energies, spiritual layer blocks, cords, entities, curses, vows, extra souls, addicted souls, the list goes on.  

With the type of spiritual work I do, it allows for release of emotional blocks without having to re-live an experience.   Let’s get you back to the happy soul you were meant to be.

The subconscious and higher conscious hold golden nuggets of information, past and present, which helps us find and clear what no longer serves you  

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