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Clearing trapped emotions and negative energies. Past lives, spiritual layers, mental illness, proxy sessions, trauma, transformation
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Spiritual Healing


Sandy Barley

Be free of trapped emotions and negative energies

Trapped emotions and negative energies can have a real impact on our lives.  But how do we know if we have these trapped or resonating energies in or around us? 

On a conscious level, you may not understand why you feel as you do. The subconscious, however, holds the key. It remembers all that has taken place in this life, even past lives. 

By connecting to your subconscious, we can find out what you’re holding on to. My job is to release obsolete or interfering energies….

Gain more control of your life   

Feel lighter in yourself

Be less reactive to those around you

Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life

You may realise why you feel the way you do…

  • experience / trauma
  • mental illness

Soul Clearing

“The Soul Clearing, well, it has been a HUGE relief, a big weight has been lifted, thats for sure.

I no longer feel that I am carrying some heavy energies… My personal boundaries are stronger too, I am stronger”.  

MV, Chard

Personal Clearing

I have had to deal with some difficult things in my life and coming to see you was the right thing for me, it was the right time.

I feel so much more positive now I have let go all my hurt and pain. Forgiving both my husbands for what they done to me has made me feel so much better. I feel so much happier. I don't feel so anxious anymore.

  JR, Ilminster

During COVID only distant sessions available.  Results will be the same as a one to one session.


You may not totally understand why you feel the way you do.

  • past life experiences
  • earthbound spirit energy
  • self punishment, self limitation or self destruction programmes, created at a soul or spiritual level
  • blocks to being you
  • extra souls that have come into this life with you
  • many other possibilities

Space Clearing

“The house has been so much better since the clearing ! Literally since that night my son has been sleeping soundly in his room - a full deep sleep and is waking up so much happier.  

I definitely feel a significant shift in the energy - and the cold dampness in both the loft and my son’s bedroom has now been released. So sending my dearest thanks!!”             

LA, Cardiff

Let’s shift the energies or stuck emotions, easing away what is blocking you.  

Communication… Hope…  Transformation

Take a first step, call me and let's have a chat to talk about where you are now and how I may be of service.  

Only distance sessions available during COVID.

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